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nervesinpatterns ([personal profile] nervesinpatterns) wrote2003-11-06 08:23 pm
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Hah! I have one of these.. it is under [ profile] sleepingvashti... don't use it much, but it is what it is... :)


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Your journal is the only one besides mine with Scott Spencer listed as an interest. He's one of my absolute favorite authors. I wrote him a letter, and he hand wrote a very nice postcard to me. Exciting, eh? :)

Anyway...good luck with your new writing journal.

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MORE FRIENDING. *Will friend once a response of DOOM is SENT*

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Good lord, I just found this comment now - for some reason, I didn't get an LJ notification. o.O Sorry I didn't get this earlier, but you're added now...

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Add me as friend, and let me read that Remus-Bowie fic. Argh! I want to read it NOW! - you're torturing me now, you know that? ;)

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Friended! Go read! :-D

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I'm questioning now why I didn't already have this friended.

Please add me soon, as I'm perfectly sure I have lots to catch up on!

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Add please? *pouts prettily*

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Add me?

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Friending you here. :)

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I friended this journal, too, fics are good. Friend me back?

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Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey friend me.

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I can't believe I haven't been over here yet...*is an idiot* Add me please? *puppy dog eyes*

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friend me please? am dying to read your fics...

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I'd like to be added, please?